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Who Are “We” Really?

1/24/2013 6:12 AM


The prior post having been more aptly named “Who Am I?”–this one hopes to answer yet another inimitable question of the same ilk.

“We” is now an Intentional Community, aptly named “Growing Together”.  A number of other working titles were considered, containing such themes as “Eden” and “Radiant”, but simplicity and reality won.  I mean, face it—who is really radiant or exists in paradise every day, right?

“We” officially declared ourselves so, aptly on December 12, 2012:  12 ~ 12 ~ 12.  The Shift Begins.

Over the course of the past few months, beginning in October or so if I recall correctly, the talk amongst  several of us for a much longer time prior suddenly bloomed into fruition, spurred by the arrival of a family who have hit this area much like a Pacific Northwest cloudburst.   The Manninos (see Denise’s blog “Sustainable Tarpon”) are a force, to be sure—artistic, musical, and a refreshing breath of fresh “Left Coast” air for this often change-resistant ‘burg.  Our core group of six families chose to create our community “from here”, remaining in our individual single-family homes, and gathering consistently once a week for ‘family’ pot-lucks on Monday nights.  Many also gather at the Tarpon Sunday Market, where the Manninos also play their music, and the gardeners share their knowledge and produce.

We are:

  • Four musicians (maybe more…)
  • Five gardeners (or permaculturists, as some of us have gone from certifiable to certified)
  • Four Yoginis
  • Several writers
  • Several healing arts professionals and/or healers of various modalities
  • Some artistic, most creative
  • Three (couples) are families with small children; two have grandchildren
  • Many are vegan, some vegetarian, some flexatarian
  • All have respect for the Earth, our Mother, our home.

We are a chosen family, a community:  Growing Together.