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Casa Seranita Update: Two Events Coming up!

March looks to be the month for the winds of change to blow in with a breath of fresh air…no Ides of March here, my friend.

On March 2nd, We Grow From Here and the Tampa Bay Timebank will hold the first official “Barn Garden Raising”, which is the TBT term for a permablitz. In the days of old, barn-raisings were common community events, involving the entire community—from the oldest to the youngest, fit or infirm. They became symbols of the ideology of our young country, one which some of us would like to bring back into common practice.

A barn raising wasn’t just an organized work party, you see, they were truly community events—a chance for families who lived miles apart when transportation wasn’t so efficient to gather and celebrate the creation of something new, because the raising of a barn also meant the birth of a new family in the community. Everyone participated—each to his or her own ability or desire—not only on the swinging of hammers and climbing rafters, but also preparing food, toting water, chasing children, and no doubt a bit of matchmaking occurred.

This event on March 2nd, and the following weekend on March 10th, are opportunities for our young community to come out and get involved—learn a little about permaculture principles, meet some of those who have been practicing this lifestyle for a while, and yes, of course you are welcome to move some dirt! On Saturday the 2nd, beginning around 10 AM, we will be setting up the actual design of the permaculture-inspired community garden site, which is primarily the backyard all the way to Klosterman Rd. There will also be a community garage sale happening in Baywood Village, so attendees are advised to park on the North side of Klosterman Rd. behind the house, and to bring anything they want to get rid of to throw on the community sale tables, located on the driveway n front of the house. There will be plenty of shopping opps as well, so if you’re brave, bring your wallet as well. Rakes, shovels, pitchforks, wheelbarrows and any other dirt-moving equipment will be needed, and gloves and sunscreen advised.

For those who have yet to be introduced to the concept of time-banking, we will break at noon for some lunchtime sharing, at which time all of those who have been involved will have the opportunity to share their experiences with others who may not be familiar (hint: bring a friend, or three!). Lunch is potluck—bring a dish if you can—Casa will provide some snacks and beverages for a small number of attendees otherwise. Timebank members are also encouraged to submit any projects of their own which they wish to organize an event such as this one around—We Grow From Here will be helping to organize ongoing ‘barn raising’ and ‘quilting bee’ events for the Timebank and surrounding communities.

March 10th: Casa Seranita Grand Opening

Our first educational “Learn & Earn” event will take place on Sunday the 10th, beginning at 1PM (to give you time to make it to the Tarpon springs Sunday Market first!), we will have a series of presentations by local permculturists and timebankers, on subjects ranging from Florida gardening to nutrition, upcycling, well-being, wildcrafting, a seed swap and more! Timebank members may attend in exchange for hours, and presenters may earn hours for facilitating discussions. This is a non-monetary event, so there is no fee to attend for the community-at-large, however donations of needed garden equipment, plants, seeds, etc. are encouraged, as are additions to our newly-forming tool bank.

Check back for the list of presenters and facilitators, and if you have something you’d like to share, please contact Loretta@wegrowfromhere.com to be added to the roster. The schedule of events will be posted on the website a week before the event.  So far, we have interactive workshops planned for:

  • Worm bins
  • Backyard chickens
  • Market Gardening
  • Upcycle Wizardry
  • Timebanking/Alternative Currency
  • Garden Art
  • Digestive Wellness and Your Diet
  • The Kinder Garden
  • Permaculture Design 1.01
  • Seed Swap
  • Drum Circle

And I’d REALLY like someone to do fermentation…kombucha…canning (I can do canning, but…)  ;^)


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Who Are “We” Really?

1/24/2013 6:12 AM


The prior post having been more aptly named “Who Am I?”–this one hopes to answer yet another inimitable question of the same ilk.

“We” is now an Intentional Community, aptly named “Growing Together”.  A number of other working titles were considered, containing such themes as “Eden” and “Radiant”, but simplicity and reality won.  I mean, face it—who is really radiant or exists in paradise every day, right?

“We” officially declared ourselves so, aptly on December 12, 2012:  12 ~ 12 ~ 12.  The Shift Begins.

Over the course of the past few months, beginning in October or so if I recall correctly, the talk amongst  several of us for a much longer time prior suddenly bloomed into fruition, spurred by the arrival of a family who have hit this area much like a Pacific Northwest cloudburst.   The Manninos (see Denise’s blog “Sustainable Tarpon”) are a force, to be sure—artistic, musical, and a refreshing breath of fresh “Left Coast” air for this often change-resistant ‘burg.  Our core group of six families chose to create our community “from here”, remaining in our individual single-family homes, and gathering consistently once a week for ‘family’ pot-lucks on Monday nights.  Many also gather at the Tarpon Sunday Market, where the Manninos also play their music, and the gardeners share their knowledge and produce.

We are:

  • Four musicians (maybe more…)
  • Five gardeners (or permaculturists, as some of us have gone from certifiable to certified)
  • Four Yoginis
  • Several writers
  • Several healing arts professionals and/or healers of various modalities
  • Some artistic, most creative
  • Three (couples) are families with small children; two have grandchildren
  • Many are vegan, some vegetarian, some flexatarian
  • All have respect for the Earth, our Mother, our home.

We are a chosen family, a community:  Growing Together.