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We Grow From Here Community Garden Project: “Casa Seranita”

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In 2010 “We Grow” was planted on a home site, with a few trees, some bushes, a compost pile and some rain barrels. Two years later, the second phase has begun: the truly-community garden project. At a rental house in the same neighborhood, work has begun to convert the former sandspur-laden lot into a permaculture demonstration garden of locally unseen proportions.

Ok, maybe an exaggeration, but right now there are seven or eight HUGE piles of mulch out there which beg to differ. Here’s my bet: in less than one year, this residential lot will be producing (in a neighborly, attractive and inviting fashion), enough food for 4-5 families. “We” are creating this possibility while also creating the space as a community center, eCo-housing for up to 4 adults, as well as a learning and healing space.

Her name is “Casa SerAnita”, honoring the memory of my mother Anita, and our desire for a peaceful planet—may Mi Casa grow many beautiful things!

Here is how we began: Check back for updates!


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